Austin-based Corbella™ is a vibrant, female-fronted, rock-pop group that seeks to engage with our audience through honest and powerful expression.


The energy and message from their music and live shows attracts a dynamic array of listeners, empowering all to connect with themselves and one another.

Lead singer Britny Lobas' distinctive and powerful voice commands your attention while the playing of her bandmates —Russell Simonson, bass; Alec Cabrera, drums; and Ricky Jones, guitar—draws you into an atmosphere from which you won't want to leave. The four came together in 2017 and officially became Corbella™. Since then, they have been writing, recording and performing, leading to the ultimate release of the band's debut, self-titled EP in June 2019. In February, Corbella™ released its newest single "I Know," and plans to release another EP later
this year.



“Blatantly talented front woman Britny Lobas' commanding voice runs the range from soulful tenderness to powerful, anthemic, down-n-dirty rock-n-roll. She possesses a star quality that lights up the room... or your speakers. "



- Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM, KGSR 93.3FM


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